Man with ‘world’s oldest cat’, born in 1995, reveals secret to age after ‘never going to vets’

Tran Hanh
June 11, 2024

Brit Leslie Greenhough reckons he has the world’s oldest cat with Millie the moggy, born in 1995, who he claims has never visited the vet and eats a diet of chicken and Purina cat food

Millie the moggy is the ‘world’s oldest cat’ (Image: Lee McLean/SWNS)

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A man claims to have the world’s oldest cat aged 29 and puts her long life down to ‘lots of treats’.

Leslie Greenhough, 69, believes his tortoiseshell moggy, Millie, who he claims was born in 1995, is currently the oldest living feline.

The moggy was first owned by Leslie’s late wife, Paula, 55, who first got Millie in 1995 – when the kitten was three months old.

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Leslie and Paula met October 10, 2012, through a dating website, and was first introduced to Millie the cat when she was aged 16.

The cat is believed to be a staggering 29 years old (Image: Lee McLean/SWNS)

Leslie claims Millie has never visited the vet, and eats a mixed diet of chicken and Purina cat food. The widow sadly lost his wife in April 2020, due to Covid, and has become Millie’s full-time owner.

Leslie said the cat’s long life is down to “lots of treats” including “cuddles on the sofa” and tinned tuna and prawns.

The owner, a former storekeeper now retired, from, Stockhorse, Cheshire, said: “Millie’s a spry little thing, people can’t believe she’s 29.

Leslie Greenhough says people ‘can’t believe’ she’s only 29 (Image: Lee McLean/SWNS)

“She can still jump up on the sides but she’s a little slower these days. It’s just us two and she isn’t bothered by any other cats, so I think it’s helped her a live a long and peaceful life.

“She’s never gone to the vets since I’ve owned her or had any real health issues. She’s a little deaf now and loves to sleep on my bed.”

Leslie wants to submit Millie to the Guinness World Records and is trying to find a way to contact them.

Leslie wants to submit Millie to the Guinness World Records (Image: Lee McLean/SWNS)

The title of oldest living cat is currently held by Flossie, born 29 December 1995, and is aged 28.

He said: “I want to move but I’m worried Millie won’t survive the journey.

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