Meghan Markle stopped Harry from returning to the UK, what was her motivation for doing it??

June 07, 2024

More than ever, Prince Harry is determined to have a permanent home in the country where was born and, at one stage, was in line to the throne. But Meghan Markle‘s opposition to his desire to return to the United Kingdom could scupper his plans.

The 39-year-old royal, who stepped down from his duties as a senior working royal along with Meghan, 42, has been residing in Montecito, California, since 2020.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have built a life for themselves in the United States, working with Netflix and Spotify to reveal secret details about their lives in the Royal Family.

In doing so, it may have caused irreversible damage to their relationship with King Charles and Prince William.

Harry is said to be pining for a return to the UK or to have a permanent residence based there, only to shut down by his wife Meghan, who has refused to step foot in London again, according to one expert.

Prince Harry is said to have been eyeing up a return to the UK, but Meghan Markle is not so keen and is the ‘one thing’ holding him back. I’m sure that [Harry] would love to have a permanent home in the UK,” royal expert Kinsey Schofield said, per the Daily Express.

“Meghan Markle is the one thing holding him back because she tells us through her actions that she has no desire to return [to the UK].”

Why does Prince Harry want UK return?

The ongoing disagreement between the couple leaves their two young children, Archie and Lilibet, caught in a tough situation. Harry has expressed his desire for his children to embrace their British identity, but Meghan isn’t keen after claiming poor treatment from the media and the royals in the UK.

What’s more, King Charles‘ cancer diagnosis means Harry wants to try and reconcile things with his father due to the seriousness of his condition.

Prince Harry and King Charles have been at odds in recent times, and more so since the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022. However, King Charles‘ illness and Prince Harry‘s silence on matters concerning the family appears to show he is keen to put the bad blood to bed.

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