Mike Tyson drop new video to challenge Jake Paul, left fans very worried

June 11, 2024

Mike Tyson continues his recover after being forced to postpone his fight with Jake Paul until November this year, although a recent video has left fans very concerned for the health of the 58-year-old.

It comes after Tyson pushed their July 20 date back to the winter after sustaining a stomach ulcer meaning he could no longer train. As Paul contractually agreed they would both have the same amount of prep time, it led to a long delay by Netflix.

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Mike Tyson reappears with a scary video to Jake Paul

Yet fans are worried for the ex-undisputed heavyweight champion of the world thanks to his recent video when he announced the new date of November 15 at the same time as Netflix on X.com, formerly Twitter.

“Different date, same fate,” said Tyson on the Elon Musk-owned social media platform. “I’m going to knock out Jake Paul.”

However, the delivery of the words, in front of his Aston Martin car, sounded rasp as though he had recently lost his voice which left fans questioning his fitness as he bids to take on a professional fighter nearly 30 years younger.

Mike are you okay you look out of breathe from saying one sentence,” an influencer with 122,000 followers asked online.

Mike Tyson’s health concerns

So far, it seems as though everyone is worried for the potential impact of this fight on the two-time boxing champion, who hasn’t fought as a pro in 19 years, or at all since 2020.

The concern is so much so that the bout will contain fewer rounds, shorter rounds and heavier gloves to try to protect him from health issues that could be developed such as dementia.

Previously, other pro boxers such as Deontay Wilder and Derek Chisora called out the fight and slammed it as being a bit of a joke, which is also a view that many fans also share too.

Tyson had to delay their fight until November after he developed an ulcer flare up so it was delayed on medical grounds, although it will still take place at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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