Miranda Cohen has accusing of having an eating disorder but in the reality: “I actually eat a lot of food”

Tran Hanh
June 07, 2024

Miranda Cohen, an influential fitness influencer who has called the gym her savior, has now talked about her feelings regarding the social media conversations that often happen regarding her. Openly talking about this, she confessed that she would not get fazed by the internet and accusations of her having eating disorders.

After participating in the 1st Phorm Athlete Search in 2017, Miranda Cohen gained immense popularity in the fitness world. Now as one of the most highly-paid fitness influencers, Cohen has been reaching new heights. However, she does distinguish between two different lifestyles, one filled with comfort and the other with hardships that will lead to achievements.

Miranda Cohen understands that achieving “greatness” is tough

Revealing her thoughts about her understanding of the difference between a balanced and a life with achievements, Cohen wrote in the caption, “You can’t have balance in every aspect of your life with the intent of wanting achieving greatness.” She also added, “I talk about this all the time, and people think I’m insane.” Then she revealed how she has known the fact that people talk behind her back, accusing her of having an eating disorder. However, Cohen declared, despite all the accusations, “I actually eat a lot of food. My Carbs right now are over 400.”

Furthermore, Cohen also openly stated that the gym has been a forever thing for her and that social media is not going to make her resent it. She revealed, “The gym has not only saved my life but I’d say it’s been one thing that I know I can rely on no matter what phase of life that I’m in.”

Miranda Cohen has always been upfront about how gym and fitness have given her a purpose when she sought it the most. The bodybuilder also talked about it in one of her posts, describing how much it means to her.

Miranda Cohen’s motivation to pursue fitness

Cohen deliberately told her fans that whatever she does in the gym she has been doing it respectfully for almost 8 years now. Not only did fitness become a purpose in her life when things looked bleak and she was leading a stressful life, but she also focused on the fact that her consistency was now finally paying off. She wrote in the caption of an earlier post, “You can either do the work or feel sorry for yourself like everyone else. You are the deciding factor with how YOU get to spend your life. “ 

With a promise to stay true to herself, Cohen has decided never to show any disrespect for the passion that has become a purpose of her life now. She confessed that making consistent money is always a challenge in the industry, but she would still like to stay put within the field because of her dedication and passion for it.

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