Mlido issued an urgent announcement that fans are worried: No wonder we ain’t getting good music anymore

Tran Hanh
June 07, 2024


Internet users were shocked that award-winning musician Mlindo the Vocalist was going to be a dad.

Mlindo the Vocalist, whose real name is Lindokuhle Mgedeza, received a mixed reaction from users when news came out that he was going to be a dad.

This announcement also comes after the musician announced his return to the music industry where he released a single he said depicted the GBV happening in households.

In the post by the online publication, MDN News, the musician is pictured alongside a pregnant woman who is wearing pink while he is wearing a baby shower sling. The most surprising thing about this revelation is that users were shocked that he was with a white woman, however, given the diverse culture in South Africa interracial couples are not anything out of the norm.

A user referred to something the musician said during an interview.

Another user congratulated the musician and his girlfriend.

One user didn’t like the fact that he wore pink.

Another user said:

One user mentioned that the news was unexpected.

An X user alluded that he was not making good music because of this.

Another user begged the musician to release music.

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