Mlindo felt ashamed because his mother was a domestic worker at the time. He even once said a sentence to his mother that broke her heart

Tran Hanh
May 21, 2024

Lindokuhle Mgedeza, popularly known as Mlindo the Vocalist joins DJ Keyez on the Ultimate Kaya 959 Top 30.

Mlindo’s life changed when he took the bus to Johannesburg from KZN to record at DJ Maphorisa’s studio in Midrand. Upon his arrival, they recorded his single AmaBlesser which was a big success.

Mlindo, who was a student at the time says he was hungry for that opportunity. “I’ve been knocking on people’s doors since 2015.”

WATCH: Mlindo the Vocalist’s full interview on the Ultimate Kaya 959 Top 30

Getting his first taste of money

Mlindo’s first paying gig was R8000.

“I was not used to money at the time. It felt good to send money at home at the time.”

His mother was a domestic worker at the time.

He says growing up, things were tough at home. He was ashamed of his background and didn’t want his classmates to see his home.

I don’t want my siblings and cousins to go through the same thing, hence I’m taking care of my family.

On his drink getting spiked at Shot Left

In December 2020 Mlindo the Vocalist fell while performing on stage at a venue called Shot left in Pretoria. He addresses allegations that he was performing while intoxicated.

“We got there, performed our set. I’m noticing this guy in the crowd reaching out to me with a drink in his hand.

“I kept on ignoring him but he didn’t give up. To make his day, I took a sip out of his cup and I came back on stage.

“After telling Nyiko to play the last song. I turned back and my vision got blurred, twisted my knee, and then I fell. The next thing one of the bouncers was carrying me. I don’t have a drinking problem.”

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