Mlindo shares first video after incident with his arm in a cast: The singer was planning to turn his misfortune into a lesson

Tran Hanh
June 08, 2024

Image: Mlindo The Vocalist/ Instagram

After surviving yet another near-death car accident in a space of a month, Mlindo The Vocalist shared his first video since the ordeal.

Mlindo was left shaken after he lost control of the car while trying to turn on a sharp curve on the M2 in KwaZulu-Natal on January 12.

Mlindo returned to social media this week for the first time since the accident, sharing a video of himself in a cast.

In the video, Mlindo is seen singing an unreleased song. The caption contained a broken heart emoji.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently, Mlindo’s manager Nyiko Bilankulu said the singer was planning to turn his misfortune into a teachable lesson by starting a road safety campaign.

“At the moment he’s okay. Obviously he is trying to be okay on all aspects. He’s also in studio making music for the upcoming album and he’s decided to take this opportunity to partner with willing organisations to educate the youth about road safety.

“Young people often underestimate, for example, the importance of the seat belt. Imagine if Mlindo had not worn a seatbelt, we may have been talking about something different. That thing saved his life. So he wants to get that message across to as many people as he can.”

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