Mlindo talking about give up your career: “I want to travel, I want to be on the road”

Tran Hanh
June 08, 2024

It’s been almost four years since the release of his debut album, Emakhaya, and now singer and songwriter Lindokuhle Mgedezi, better known as Mlindo the Vocalist, is back with his self-titled sophomore album, Lindokuhle.

Mlindo the Vocalist, chats to Keitumetse Maako about what he’s been up to and what his fans can expect from his latest offering.

“A lot of things have happened,” he says. “My life changed.”

Since the release of Emakhaya in September 2018, the musician says he has achieved a lot. He tells Channel24 that he bought his mother a house in 2019 and a car, adding that he also recently purchased a home of his own earlier this year.

Despite the achievements, Mlindo says things have not always been rosy. He adds that he has been involved in accidents, was spiked, and even found himself trending for the wrong reasons.

“It’s been four years since I released music, so I took my time to grow as a person because a lot of things have happened over the years,” he says. “I incorporated all of the experiences I went through and released them through the music.”

The two-time SA Music Award winner for best-selling artist says while his latest offering stays true to the sound of Mlindo, which people have come to love, it is a “special project” because he worked with people he has always wanted to work with. In the nine-track album, he features artists such as Sjava, Ami Faku, Ishmael, Mthunzi, and Maphorisa.

“The album tells a story,” he says. “I just wanted to talk to the people through music.”

The Lengoma hitmaker says his personal favourites on the album are Kuyeza Ukukhanya and Shiwele.

Mlindo says Kuyeza Ukukhanya, which features El World’s Mthunzi, echoed the sentiment of preserving. “This song is about that feeling you get when things aren’t going your way, and you feel like you’re a disappointment to yourself and your family. There’s a part in the song where I talk about someone who isn’t doing too well at school, and because of that, he feels like he’s let his family down.”


Shiwele, meanwhile, he says is an affirmation for him. The muso says the track interpolates Bojo Mujo’s Shiwelele.

“This song is an affirmation and is like a letter to all the artists who came before me,” he says. “I’m saying thanks for the inspiration, but I’m also cementing my place and saying ‘I’m here to stay.'”


The musician adds that the album has been in the pipeline for a while. “I started working on the album during the lockdown. We had no idea when it would end, so I spent that time recording music for myself in my hometown.”

Talking about his plans for the future, Mlindo says he would like to broaden his audience on the African continent and do more live shows.

“I want to travel; I want to be on the road,” he says.

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