Mlindo The Vocalist encountered problem in road with fans asking for selfies: ‘Celebrities are also human’

Tran Hanh
June 05, 2024

Image: Mlindo the Vocalist/ Instagram

Mlindo the Vocalist has come out to defend himself and other celebs against criticism as fans recounted some of the nasty experiences they’ve had with famous faces.

Fingered several times on the Twitter streets as one of the celebs that responded in a rude manner to fans asking for selfies or acknowledgment, Mlindo shared his two cents on the situation.

“Guys y’all need to understand that famous people or celebrities are also human … they also go through their own problems and they are not perfect,” Mlindo told disgruntled fans.

Tweeps flooded Mlindo’s comments section with tweets emphasising that being famous or a celebrity doesn’t give them a licence to be rude. Some even asked why other celebrities have a better reputation with fans than others.

Cassper was thrown into the mix because most of Cassper’s fans had a different reaction to the question asking them how they were treated by their fave.

Over a handful of them had nothing but nice things to say about their real-life encounters with Mufasa.

Cassper shared that he was also impressed with himself and proud that he’s given fans the time of day and genuine love.

“Reading all these pleasant experiences that people had when they met me gives me pride because the cameras were off and one wasn’t pretending but rather just being myself. I’m sure there are some pictures I couldn’t take but it feels good to know that the majority of people were happy,” he said.

Tsibipians agreed with Cass that he really prioritises his fan base.

Askies, just say hi next time. I definitely will greet back.— R.M Phoolo (@casspernyovest) July 29, 2020

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