More than a decade!! Elizabeth Olsen had to wait 15 years to become famous

Thu Trang
June 12, 2024

As the most sought-after star today, few people know that Elizabeth Olsen has entered the entertainment industry since she was 4 years old. So why, all these years, have we never heard of the beauty’s reputation until she played Scarlett Witch in the MCU? On the occasion of her recent birthday (February 16), let’s look back with ELLE Man on the extremely “special” life and career of this actress!

Elizabeth Olsen has a very special background. She is the youngest sister of famous twins Kate-Mary Olsen and Ashley Olsen. For longtime European and American movie fans, these are probably no longer unfamiliar names. From the age of 4, Lizzie (Elizabeth) soon followed in her older sisters’ footsteps and practiced acting. All three soon achieved success as rising child actors, with the path to fame seemingly laid out before them. However, when she was just out of childhood, the actress immediately “disappeared”. Explaining this, she shared:

“I realized the media was abusing my sisters. I thought I didn’t want to continue this job anymore. That life was too much to bear. They followed us shopping, and Mary-Kate and Ashley almost got into a car crash because of the paparazzi. I don’t want to be a part of that.”

With those thoughts, the beauty quickly withdrew from showbiz. It can be said that Elizabeth Olsen is one of the rare special cases in Hollywood. Because, it is difficult for any child to refuse the fame and money that they have achieved so early. In Hollywood, we will often see two typical outcomes for child actors:

One, because success comes too early, they will easily slip up, get into scandals or be “eliminated” themselves when they grow up.

Second, they will have to “strengthen themselves” and try to transform themselves from the image of child stars with “bold” or “playful” images. Escaping the “curse” for child stars, little Lizzie had the opportunity to grow up “healthy”, peaceful, and happy.

That deep dive only really stopped when she was 22 years old. Because, after all, she really loves her job as an actress – that’s also the reason she decided to reappear on screen. From 2011 until now, every year, Elizabeth Olsen has regularly participated in at least two productions. However, the actress’s way of choosing movies is also very special compared to others. She doesn’t care about blockbuster projects but only “nods” to roles she can “feel” about, even if they are just supporting roles on television or web-drama.

Up to now, only the “Red Witch” Scarlet Witch is a major commercial role in Elizabeth Olsen’s career. All other films with the actress’s participation were small, low-budget independent productions. In addition, she also declared that she would never wear revealing clothes just to “get views” but would accept taking off her clothes if it was necessary to express the character’s inner feelings.

Not only that, even though she is the most sought-after actress in Hollywood, information about the actress’s personal life is still extremely limited. Perhaps, more than anyone else, Elizabeth Olsen understands that fame is a double-edged sword. Seeing that the private lives of her two sisters often appear on the front pages of tabloids, Elizabeth Olsen is always especially vigilant in preserving privacy. “I don’t go to a certain restaurant because I don’t want to be photographed,” she explained.

In addition, the actress also does not use famous social networks. Lizzie also said that if she were not active in art, she would have no reason to appear in newspapers and interviews. “Many people leave the entertainment world because they can’t stand having too much scrutiny, too much pressure and judgment on them. Every detail in one’s personal life can be mentioned, analyzed, dissected.” Behind the camera, she just likes to stay at home or spend time with friends and relatives. Elizabeth Olsen’s most recent personal news was when she publicly announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Robbie Arnett.

If that is the life the actress has chosen, perhaps we should respect that decision. Because in the end, if that concern turns out to be pressure for the person we love, everything seems not worth it. Soon, this “Red Witch” will also return to the screen with her own series WandaVision. Let’s wish the beauty more and more success in her career as well as happiness in her married life. And if possible, the writer would like to be selfish and participate in more projects. So that somehow, fans can still see her at the most suitable, most reasonable, and correct distance.

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