Nicki Minaj arrested by Dutch cops for carrying “soft drugs”

June 04, 2024

Rapper Nicki Minaj was arrested by Amsterdam police on her arrival into the Netherlands for allegedly “carrying drugs,” according to a video she apparently took and posted on her Instagram Live Saturday afternoon ahead of the European leg of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour (she denied the allegations).

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Nicki Minaj, who traveled to Amsterdam for a leg of her tour, was arrested upon arrival (GETTY IMAGES)


Minaj, a 12-time Grammy nominee posted a video on her Instagram account, appearing to show a police officer in Amsterdam say she was being detained for “carrying drugs,” and asking her to enter a police vehicle.

Nicki’s livestream on Instagram while she was arrested.

Minaj rejected the claim while speaking to the officer, saying in the video she was “not carrying drugs,” and pleading to have her “lawyer present” with her.

Officers in the video then told Minaj they would help bring her to her “show”—Minaj is scheduled to perform in Manchester, England, Saturday night, with a Sunday show in Birmingham and three other U.K. performances next week.

In a second video posted on Instagram, an official appears to tell her that police would “offload all the luggage” and “search everything.”

Minaj then tweeted: “they said they found weed,” adding that “they took my bags without consent” and seemed to admit there was marijuana but that it belongs to her security staff.

Minaj also wrote on X that her “filming every single thing made them really mad,” and claimed her plane “was scheduled to leave [two] hours ago,” appearing to reference her flight to England.

Royal Netherlands Marechaussee spokesperson Robert van Kapel told multiple outlets the department could “confirm” the arrest of a “41-year-old American woman at Schiphol airport because of the possession of soft drugs,” though he did not specify the drugs in question or the woman’s name.

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