Not Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney will be Tom Holland’s new girlfriend in Spider-man 4?

Thu Trang
June 12, 2024

New fan art casts Sydney Sweeney as a much-wanted Spider-Man ally in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Spider-Man 4. Tom Holland has been confirmed to be returning to the MCU as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in a new trilogy, which is expected to introduce him to a slew of new heroes and villains in the wake of the world forgetting him in Spider-Man: No Way Home. One of these new Spider-Man-related characters has been speculated to be played by Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney, who could bring one of Spider-Man’s most complex enemies-turned-allies into the live-action MCU.

Since Zendaya’s MJ no longer remembers Peter Parker, Marvel Studios may introduce a new love interest for the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. This could come in the form of Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat, who has been fan-cast with Sydney Sweeney in mind in new art shared by alastor_c.

Sydney Sweeney has been a popular casting choice for the MCU’s Black Cat, and this art proves that she would fit the character perfectly. This would be a particularly exciting casting choice as it would provide Sweeney with the opportunity of redemption after her recent stint in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Sydney Sweeney being cast as Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat wouldn’t be her first foray into the world of Spider-Man, as she recently starred as Julia Cornwall in Sony’s Madame Web, set in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Unfortunately, Madame Web’s disappointing performance and negative reviews meant that Sweeney’s talents may have gone unnoticed in the 2024 movie, so the popular actor deserves another shot at bringing a more charismatic Marvel character to life on the big screen. Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 could be the perfect option, especially since there may be no better time to introduce the character.

Madame Web’s Julia Cornwall was inspired by Julia Carpenter from Marvel Comics, the second powerful hero to take up the mantle of Spider-Woman and eventually the new Madame Web. Unfortunately, Cornwall lacked all the charisma, personality, and likability of Julia Carpenter and was instead reduced to a whiny and awkward presence among Cassandra Webb’s new group. This was a complete waste of Sydney Sweeney’s talents, as she has a huge amount of range that would perhaps better fit the complex role of Black Cat, being able to deliver strength and magnetism, as well as a brilliant sense of vulnerability.

As one of Spider-Man’s most iconic love interests in Marvel Comics, now would be the best time to introduce Black Cat to the MCU, as MJ isn’t currently in the picture. Black Cat’s debut in Spider-Man 4 would signify a new chapter beginning for Peter Parker in the MCU, and Sydney Sweeney certainly has the talent to carry this weight. While Madame Web might have completely fumbled Sydney Sweeney’s introduction to the world of superheroes, Marvel Studios can take better care of her in the MCU and expand Spider-Man’s world massively in the process.

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