NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang caused controversy for signing his name on a woman’s ches’t

June 11, 2024

Yes, that really happened.

Well, here’s Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, signing a woman’s chest in a crowded booth at Computex. In the video below, you can see he asks whether this is a good idea before he eventually signs the woman’s top. He then returns to signing more traditional fare.

This isn’t an unusual sight when it comes to actors or musicians. But can you imagine Tim Cook doing that after an iPhone event? Or Sundar Pichai after Google I/O?

Yet those men also cultivate very different public images than Huang. Instead of hoodies, double polos, thousand-dollar T-shirts, or business suits, he’s typically decked out in some kind of leather jacket. What he wants you to know from that sartorial choice is clear: he’s not like regular CEOs. He’s a cool CEO.

And like cool actors and musicians, sometimes people ask CEOs with carefully cultivated images of being cool to also sign their tatas. But I suspect this woman’s desire to get a signature on her dress was driven more by the AI boom that’s led Nvidia to being the third most valuable company on the S&P 500 than by how swanky Huang’s jacket is.

Source: theverge

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