Posties forced to wear disguises as terrifying seagull gang called ‘The Club’ take over town

Tran Hanh-
July 02, 2024

Horrified residents fear even a short walk to their car due to an aggressive colony of herring gulls that will do anything for food- postmen are having to wear disguises and safety hats

Woman being attacked by seagull
Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ has got nothing on this estate… (Image: Tom McAsey / SWNS)

A once quaint estate has become terrorised by a gang of brazen gulls willing to attack for food.

Horrified residents of Poldhu Road and Cardinnis Gardens in Liskeard, Cornwall, are afraid to even walk out to their car in fear of the ‘The Club’ – an aggressive colony of herring gulls that have sieged the area and begun nesting.

It is believed there are more than 60 birds causing havoc on the streets, with a slew of residents claiming they’ve been victim to a bombing gull.

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Images show the noisy birds swooping down on residents in a vicious attempt to steal their ice cream or pasty, and they seem to have developed a personal vendetta against posties.

According to MailOnline, one woman had repeatedly asked the council to help deter the birds from nesting.

Man eating ice cream being attacked by sea gull
No one is safe from the hungry gulls (Image: Tom McAsey / SWNS)

“Last week I met one postman who told me he’d swapped his normal uniform for neutral colours, grey and beige because he’d been told gulls don’t like red,” she said. “It seems ridiculous that it has come to this.”

Fellow resident Charlie Ball, who has lived on the estate for a decade, agreed, adding: “In the past, one postman was left with blood running down his face after a gull attack. This year, we’ve seen one wearing a mask and helmet on his rounds.”

Woman being attacked by a seagull
Residents are sick of the noisy seagulls (Image: Tom McAsey / SWNS)

Many locals have blamed their own neighbours for the epidemic, accusing them of feeding the birds and leaving rubbish outside for them to ravage through. However, others have defended the pesky animals and argued they’re a protected species so should be left alone.

But the gulls are now preventing posties from properly doing their job, meaning residents are missing out on their precious letters and parcels. A spokesperson for Royal Mail described the safety of its employees and ‘consistent delivery of mail’ as its two highest priorities.

Man being attacked by a seagull
Locals have feuding amongst themselves over who is to blame for the epidemic (Image: Tom McAsey / SWNS)

They added: “We have written to residents to assure everyone that deliveries continue to be made every day. However, on occasions where it is not possible to make a delivery safely, we will attempt to deliver the following day.”

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