‘Power’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. Allegedly S*xually Ass*ulted on Live Stream, The Woman did this…

June 11, 2024

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3:23 PM PT — 50 Cent weighed in on our post and downplayed notions of S.A. in favor of an “aggressive advance” and denied Michael Rainey Jr. would press charges. We’ll have to see if he’s officially speaking for his young star.

michael rainey assaulted 50cent


12:47 PM PT — Michael Rainey Jr. has broken his silence following the incident … he’s still in shock and calls the groping an “unfortunate situation.” It’s uncertain what the next steps will be.

Michael Rainey Jr., the star of 50 Cent’s hit show “Power Book II: Ghost,” got more than he bargained for during a promo stop … an unwanted five-finger death grip on his family jewels!!!

Mike appeared Sunday night on “The Tylil Show” — an independent Twitch channel hosted by podcaster Tylil James in NYC. Think a Kai Cenat kinda thing … just without Kai Cenat.

Shortly after the stream kicked off, Tylil’s sister Jahgee gets a little too grabby with Mike — and his face says it all.

Jahgee looked to be enjoying the dirty deed, but Mike was squeamish, very clearly uncomfortable … and maybe even in pain.

Most people in the room seemed to have missed the flagrant violation of Mike’s personal space, and he attempted to laugh it off. Tylil eventually kicked his sister out of the room after she made a suggestive remark about a banana! 🍌

Tylil later revealed Mike abruptly hightailed it out of there after 20 minutes, but rather than calling out Jahgee for getting so handsy with his guest … he scolded the actor for not giving his show enough face time.

Commenters didn’t share that perspective … several wanted Mike to press charges for the alleged assault, pointing out if the tables were turned, he’d be canceled and possibly arrested. No brunch, no lunch, no gigs!!!

TyTy James Apologizes For Sister's Actions

Tylil walked backed his initial reaction on Monday and distanced himself from his sister’s behavior … may be too late, however.

Part 1 of the ‘Power II’ season dropped last week, but promoting it has become risky business for Mike.

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