Rumor: Fan-Favorite Villain Set To Appear in Spider-Man 4

Thu Trang
June 09, 2024

As Spider-Man 4 gears up for filming, new rumors are circulating about the identity of the movie’s villain. Fans are eagerly speculating who the antagonist might be.

With little information available about the next Spider-Man movie, fans are left to speculate about its plot, leading to a surge of new rumors and theories. Fans are eager to uncover details about what the movie will entail and who might make an appearance. One intriguing rumor suggests that a fan-favorite villain will finally face off against Spider-Man, but hints also imply that he might not be the only antagonist in the movie.

According to a new scoop by MyTimeToShineHello, Venom is set to appear as a villain in Spider-Man 4. This revelation is not particularly surprising, given that similar rumors have been circulating for a while. However, what stands out in this scoop is the indication that Venom will not be the main villain, hinting at more surprises and possibly multiple antagonists in the storyline. At present, no further details have been provided, and the identity of the primary villain remains a mystery.

Tom Hardy’s involvement as Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man installment is widely anticipated. Since Spider-Man: No Way Home, where Eddie Brock, also known as Venom, made a brief appearance in a post-credit scene, fans have speculated about his future role in the series. New rumors suggest that while Venom will be part of the next Spider-Man movie, he will not be the main villain, sparking even more fan theories. Adding to the intrigue, a post included an image of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Venom Symbiote Black suit, leading some to speculate that Peter Parker himself might turn evil and be the rumored villain. This concept, reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 from 2007, has excited fans who believe it could add an interesting twist to the movie. Alternatively, there is also the possibility that the Venom symbiote could take over a different host, keeping audiences guessing.

Currently, very little is known about the next Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland is set to return as Peter Parker, with Zendaya reprising her role as MJ. Additionally, there are reports that Sony’s Tom Rothman aims to bring back Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to their respective Spider-Man roles, leveraging the success of No Way Home. However, rumors suggest that Marvel and Sony are experiencing some disagreements regarding the overall plot. To maintain secrecy, they are taking extra precautions to prevent any leaks about Spider-Man 4‘s storyline. Consequently, fans are left to speculate about what the upcoming movie has in store.

Spider-Man 4 is in development at Marvel Studios.

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