Season 2 of Arcane hinting an even darker future for Vi and Jinx

June 04, 2024

Despite how emotional Vi and Jinx’s story was in Arcane season 1, season 2 looks like it is setting up an even darker future for the sisters.

Netflix’s hit animated show debuted to incredible reviews and told the heartbreaking and tragic story of two sisters whose relationship became fractured. While they were once incredibly close, devastating events put Vi and Jinx on completely different paths, with their journeys crossing in Arcane season 1’s cliffhanger ending. The damaged bond between Vi and Jinx is one of Arcane‘s most intriguing yet twisted aspects, and it looks like it’ll get even darker.

Although Arcane season 2 may feature more League of Legends characters, the series looks to be continuing its focus on Vi and Jinx. They were at the heart of season 1’s plot despite the likes of Caitlyn, Jayce, and Silco all having prominent roles, and it appears this will still be the case next season. While there is potential for the sisters to find common ground and potentially make amends, Arcane doesn’t seem to be heading in that direction. A recent update surrounding season 2 indicates that not only will their relationship remain damaged, but it may get even worse.

Arcane’s New Poster Suggests Jinx Will Be Even More Unhinged In Season 2

Jinx Looks To Be Even More Menacing After The Events Of Season 1

Jinx in Arcane holding a knife

Jinx’s descent into madness already began in season 1, but Arcane season 2’s poster suggests things are about to get even worse. She already had some pretty wild moments in season 1 which included kidnapping her own sister alongside Caitlyn as well as firing a rocket at the Piltover Council. Jinx’s attack on Piltover may be the act that sets her up for an even more unhinged season 2, as it will make the war between Piltover and Zaun increasingly hostile. The poster also featured Jinx’s eyes glowing purple, representing the effect shimmer has on her.

Shimmer clearly affected Jinx in season 1, although not in the same way it does most people. While it made her faster and stronger, shimmer didn’t seem to have a big impact on Jinx’s body, but alongside her childhood trauma, it could be affecting her mind. This means she may lose more of her humanity, and with Silco seemingly dead, there is no one to stop her. Without a father figure or a healthy relationship with her sister, Jinx looks poised to be even worse in season 2 and Arcane‘s new, menacing poster offers no signs of her holding back.

Jinx & Vi’s Relationship Could Get Even Darker In Season 2 If Vander Returns

The Season 2 Teaser Indicates Vander Could Return As Warwick

Vander and Warwick in Arcane/League of Legends.
Custom Image by Angelica Sarah V. Jimenez.

Vi and Jinx’s relationship already looks like it will be incredibly dark in season 2, but it could get more sinister if Vander returns. Vander’s death was the breaking point in Vi and Jinx’s relationship as Vi blamed her younger sister for causing his death and labeled her a jinx. This led to Powder adopting the name Jinx and joining Silco and his group, permanently altering the sisters’ journeys. The two went down completely different paths after this, with Jinx growing more and more chaotic and Vander’s teased return would add another heartbreaking twist to their story.

Arcane Season 2’s trailer hints at Vander becoming Warwick who is a monster that hunts the alleys of Zaun. While Vander was once the kingdom’s protector and the reason there was peace between Zaun and Piltover, he could end up terrorizing his former home. In addition, he may come face to face with Vi and Jinx once again, who he raised like daughters. This would add another cruel twist to the sisters’ story, and while it could force an emotional reunion, it may also lead to them growing further apart and destroying what is left of their relationship.

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