Sneak Peek: Shakira and Cardi B’s Epic ‘Puntería’ Music Video Unveiled!

Calista Alma
March 22, 2024

Cardi B’s dream of collaborating with Shakira became a reality earlier this year after their chance encounter at Paris Fashion Week. Now, their highly anticipated collaboration, “Puntería,” is set to drop on Friday (March 22) as part of Shakira’s album “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran.”

Excitement is building as Shakira teased a sneak peek of the upcoming music video on her official WhatsApp channel, offering fans a glimpse of the duo channeling powerful goddesses on a throne reminiscent of Ancient Greece. With rumors swirling about the song’s lyrical content possibly referencing Shakira’s former husband, Gerard Piqué, anticipation for “Puntería” is at an all-time.

As an avid admirer of Shakira, Cardi B expressed her thrill about the collaboration in a live Instagram broadcast, revealing her honor and nervousness at working with the Colombian superstar.

“I’m truly honored to collaborate with Shakira. I’m so nervous I can hardly breathe,” the rapper confessed during the Q&A session.

With Shakira’s upcoming album, “Las mujeres ya no lloran” (‘Women Don’t Cry Anymore’), slated for release on March 22, expectations are high for the song to make a significant impact on the charts.

In a recent interview with The Times, Shakira addressed her past relationship with Gerard Piqué, shedding light on sacrifices made for love. The discussion comes ahead of her album release, ‘Las mujeres ya no lloran’. Despite the personal revelations, anticipation remains high for the debut of “Puntería,” signaling an exciting collaboration between Shakira and Cardi B.

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