‘Stuff of nightmares’ as horror fish with beady eyes pokes out of sand on beach and the story behind

Tran Hanh
June 05, 2024

Dennis Chan was left stunned when he spotted the creature which had washed up on the shore in Singapore, and took to social media to share his findings with his followers

longnosed stargazer
A longnosed stargazer gave a beachgoer a fright (Image: Jam Press Vid/@untamed_paths)

A man was gobsmacked when he came across a bizarre beast with “venomous spines” on a beach.

Dennis Chan couldn’t believe his peepers when he found the “rare spectacle” half-buried in the sands of Singapore. Giving it a closer gander, he realised it was a long-nosed stargazer, gawping at the heavens.

It turns out there’s a whole gang of over 50 species of these zappy fish, some packing an electric shock organ.

Dennis gave a heads-up about their nasty sting, but that didn’t stop him from having a nosy at the oddball fish. He chucked a video on Instagram, giving his mates a peek at the fish before it did a Houdini back into the sand, gasping for a bit of the wet stuff.

The video went viral, clocking up a whopping 1.2m views and bagging over one million likes.

The creature was completely still (Image: Jam Press Vid/@untamed_paths)

Chinwagging about his find, Dennis said: “An uncommon and fascinating sight, these quirky fish bury themselves in the sand with only their heads exposed, seemingly gazing at the stars while waiting for unsuspecting prey.”

He banged on: “They are similar to stonefishes and scorpion fishes, which means they also possess venomous spines that can deliver painful stings.”

While Dennis was all intrigued, other netizens called the creature “pretty terrifying” and cheekily suggested he should “unfind it”.

Stanley reacted: “This is now my sleep paralysis demon…never going in water…again.”

Matthew chimed in saying: “New fear unlocked.”

Another shared: “And people make fun of me for having a fish phobia. Look at that thing He’s scary as hell.”

Some found the encounter unbelievable and professed it “looks fake”, whereas another jokingly stated they’d have had a “heart attack straight away.”

Locals pledged to “never swim in the sea again” following one womans sighting of a giant jellyfish that drew comparisons with an “alien”. Amy Carter shared her alarming find on Facebook, sending shivers down spines in Barmouth, North Wales.

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