Taylor Swift’s Heartwarming Supportive Acts During Eras Tour In Lyon Make Fans Love Her More

June 10, 2024

Taylor Swift‘s serious about her fans’ health … straight-up refusing to sing until security could get to someone who apparently needed help — and narrating the whole situation.

New video — now circulating on X — shows the singer-songwriter onstage in Edinburgh, Scotland Friday … strumming the notes to her song “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” before she sees a few of her fans in her crowd she feels need assistance.

Over the microphone, Taylor says there’s someone right in front of her who needs help … and adds she’s not going to sing until event staff rushes to aid the fans.

Tay even uses her guitar to point to the group in need … singing a jaunty, little tune about how she’s just going to keep playing her guitar until someone physically gets to the group.

Basically, it takes a while before Swift’s able to keep the concert going — but, her fans seem to love it … cheering on their queen for keeping an eye out for supporters in trouble.Play video content


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This is a pretty common theme for the “Eras” tour … Swift’s called attention to fans in trouble in the past — including in France last weekend where she actually pointed them out to staff in some pretty impressive French.

No need to flex her knowledge of other languages this time … but, another example of Taylor proving she really cares about her Swifties.

Taylor’s got one more show in Edinburgh kicking off this evening before heading a few hours south to Liverpool where she’ll play three concerts on Father’s Day weekend.

Hopefully, no issues at that performance … but, we know Swift will be all over it if there are.

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