The 300-acre ranch owned by Kanye West in Calabasas complete ruined, $2.2 million property now lies in utter disrepair

June 11, 2024

Kanye West’s Calabasas, California ranch has seen better days.

His once-glamorous $2.2 million property now lies in utter disrepair, with the latest photos showing it abandoned and decrepit, according to the Daily Mail.

This stands in stark contrast to the $60 million family compound his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, still enjoys with their four children. Since their 2021 split, Kim has maintained the lavish Hidden Hills estate, just a stone’s throw — 8 miles, to be precise — from West’s crumbling ranch.

Purchased in 2018, West’s ranch was a hub for his Sunday Service gatherings and the headquarters of his Donda Academy. But now, the latest images reveal the home is uninhabited and falling apart. A particularly jarring photo shows a massive hole at the front entrance, with debris and roof fragments strewn across the ground.

Kanye reportedly turned the house into a bachelor pad, living there with then-model girlfriend Irina Shayk. The property includes two guesthouses, boasting a total of six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The once-prominent domes on the property, envisioned as 50-foot “Yecosystems,” are now nowhere to be seen. These structures were part of Kanye’s ambitious Yeezy Home project, launched in 2018. “We’re looking for architects and industrial designers who want to make the world better,” Kanye declared at the time.

In a 2019 Forbes interview, Kanye proudly displayed the early dome prototypes, inspired by Star Wars’ planet Tatooine. His grand vision was to create prefabricated structures to house the homeless, even proposing to sink them into the ground with light filtering through their roofs. He dreamed of building entire cities with these pods, spreading his “inspired” concept across America.

kanye ranch
Kanye West had visions to create 50-foot “Yecosystems” domes to help the homeless. But those are no longer seen.BACKGRID

Kanye purchased the ranch while still married to Kardashian, including an additional 300 acres surrounding the ranch for $4 million.

Their divorce, finalized in November 2022, saw her negotiate a buyout price to keep their Hidden Hills home. The couple originally bought the Calabasas mansion in 2014 for $20 million, with West spearheading a complete redesign alongside Belgian interior decorator Axel Vervoort, reportedly investing another $20 million in renovations.

Back in 2021, a source told Page Six that Kardashian was keen to secure the estate for their children, highlighting that she owned the land. “Kim is trying to get Kanye to turn over the Calabasas house to her, because that’s where the kids are based and growing up,” the insider revealed. “That is their home. She owns all the land and adjoining lots around the house, but Kanye owns the actual house. They’ve both put a lot of money into renovating it.”

Now, as she enjoys the comfort of their pristine mansion, West’s Calabasas ranch serves as a haunting reminder of what once was, now left in tatters.

kanye west ranch
Kanye West paid $6 million in total for the 300-acre ranch.BACKGRID

Meanwhile, in a November 2023 episode of “The Kardashians,” she pulled back the curtain on her ex-husband’s shockingly simple new life.

Gone are the luxe trappings of their Calabasas compound; West now calls a West Hollywood apartment home — without any expected luxe trappings.

Kardashian laid it all out, explaining how their four kids adore their dad’s pared-down lifestyle. “‘North, she’ll go to her dad’s, she’ll be like, ‘Dad is the best. He has it all figured out. He doesn’t have a nanny. He doesn’t have a chef. He doesn’t have security. He lives in an apartment,’” she shared. “And she’ll start crying, ‘Why don’t you have an apartment? I can’t believe we don’t have an apartment.’”

Instead of his ranch, Kanye and his wife Bianca Censori live in a $20,000-per-month apartment in West Hollywood.BACKGRID

West and his new wife, Bianca Censori, legally married last year, are reportedly shelling out $20,000 a month for their swanky digs in a West Hollywood luxury building. This posh pad is just a quick drive from Yeezy headquarters, boasting amenities like a heated pool, rooftop café, private cinema, valet, bar and lounge area, and 24-hour concierge service.

But this isn’t the first home West has left to crumble. He snapped up a 4,000-square-foot oceanfront property in Malibu in September 2021, enlisting the Pritzker-winning architect Tadao Ando and top contractors for a major overhaul.

However, work on the $60 million mansion screeched to a halt last year after West dissolved his construction company amid financial woes sparked by his notorious antisemitic remarks.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori visiting Disneyland, with Bianca walking shoeless and with bandaged feet
Kanye West with wife, Bianca [email protected]/LIFESTYLOGY/TMX/Mega


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By April 2023, Malibu neighbors told TMZ that West’s mansion was “left to rot” with no activity for months. His incendiary rants also cost him dearly, slashing his net worth by about $1.6 billion and knocking him off Forbes’ billionaires list, CBS News recently reported.

He is currently trying to sell the Malibu property and is already facing an $18 million loss after cutting the price to $39 million from its initial listing price of $53 million.

West still owns land in Calabasas and a sprawling Wyoming ranch, where he holed up during the final days of his marriage to Kardashian.

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