Tom Holland will not act in Marvel movies after the age of 30

Thu Trang
June 11, 2024

Spider-Man has been one of the most integral characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Tom Holland’s performance has been a significant part of that. With a limited contract that will require future negotiations ahead and Holland’s own self-inflicted Spider-Man deadline, it would appear that the actor’s tenure in the role may not continue for too much longer. While a fourth Holland Spider-Man film is in the works, the details shared by Holland and others have suggested that this film or the following Avengers 5 may be the actor’s last time in red and blue tights.

With the prospect of no Holland Spider-Man in their universe on the horizon, Marvel has been hard at work setting up other characters to take his place in the MCU. While details have confirmed Spider-Man’s replacement of a sort, what exactly this means is nebulous. By this logic, Marvel sees Spider-Man as an accessible, four-quadrant appeal character with humor, youth, and charm that can generate significant interest. This is an enormous ask for any character or performer, but with the Marvel Cinematic Universe on its side, replicating Spider-Man’s place in it may be possible to do with hard work.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Deadline Means His Time In The MCU May Be Limited

Tom Holland has stated that he does not believe his time in the role should go beyond him being 30. While the comments were made in 2021, and things seem to have changed for the actor since, it is worth recognizing that Holland, who will turn 28 this year, will not always be in this role. Following this timeline, the actor may only appear in one more Spider-Man film and Avengers 5 before leaving the universe. Considering the character’s success and increasing box office with each film, this is something that Marvel is certainly concerned about and wants to address.

Because of how important the actor has been to the universe, especially after losing many of its major, long-term stars like Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., it is important that the MCU take precautionary action to make plans for Holland’s departure. Losing Holland in the Spider-Man role will be a tough loss for the MCU, but it is going to happen eventually, and the studio will have to be prepared. While the MCU has had mixed results in the latest phases when introducing new characters, it must commit and adjust these contingency plans to secure its future.

Marvel wants Ms. Marvel to take Spider-Man’s place. Even though Iman Vellani has been universally beloved as Kamala Khan, there is little to speak for the character’s success in the MCU. Her Disney+ series had a low viewership despite its acclaim, and The Marvels is one of the lowest-grossing entries in the entire franchise despite serving as the sequel to a billion-dollar hit. Despite reviews consistently praising the performer, audiences have not yet come around to the focus on Ms. Marvel. As a result, it is likely too early for the MCU to depend on her.

It is undeniable that Iman Vellani has shown a youthful charm similar to Tom Holland’s earliest appearances in Spider-Man in Civil War. Both characters spent time as fans of the Marvel heroes and could feel the thrill of joining them as a contemporary, serving as audience inserts. On paper, due to their similar charisma and similar trajectories, Ms. Marvel is an excellent choice to fulfill Spider-Man’s role in the MCU. However, the character has not yet made enough of an impact for the studio to depend on her, and the success of her next project is vitally important.

The last few years of the MCU have set up many potential members of a Young Avengers team before teasing the project directly in The Marvels. With Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye and Kathryn Newton’s Cassie Lang likely to be integral members of the team, Kamala Khan must be allowed to shine. This will be difficult considering the range of talent involved in the project, and it may be to its detriment if Ms. Marvel’s reception is viewed as more important than any other character in the film.

However, if Marvel envisions the character of Ms. Marvel as a pillar of the future, they must take significant steps to endear her to audiences. This task is not without its challenges, as despite the character’s warm reception, it is unclear if audiences yet resonate with the hero. The MCU must then deliver an outstanding, compelling project with the Young Avengers that can stand independently. If this is not achieved, no matter how effectively they use the Ms. Marvel character, it will not be enough to draw in the audience required to make her character vital.

There are many ways that the MCU could move on after Tom Holland leaves the role of Spider-Man. They could pivot to a different iteration of the character, like Miles Morales or Gwen Stacy. Still, these options likely wouldn’t seem attractive enough for Sony and Disney to continue their partnership. While Miles Morales has grown in prominence, and while Ghost Spider has become a beloved figure, neither is of the same level as Peter Parker, evidenced by Into the Spider-Verse grossing $384 million, while Far From Home made over $1 billion less than a year later.

Instead, if the deal were to persist, the MCU would either have to recast the role or bring in Andrew Garfield after the universe reboots, as the Social Network star’s reputation as the character has only grown over the years. What might make the most sense for Marvel would be for them to pivot to other characters to fulfill these roles. If Kamala Khan is not catching on, perhaps Kate Bishop could become the face of younger Marvel. Or for stories centered on New York and collaboration, perhaps Charlie Cox’s beloved Daredevil’s role in the series could be increased.

Whatever the MCU decides to do once Tom Holland leaves their universe will be extremely important. Understanding that the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs more characters with the reach, appeal, and accessibility of this Spider-Man is important, but determining the right steps required to create them is extremely difficult. Ms. Marvel can potentially be a beloved force in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, any succession plan for Spider-Man’s role in the franchise will be extremely difficult to pull off. Marvel needs to keep their minds open and explore all of their options.

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