Vecna’s strange appearance in Stranger Things season 5, what gonna happen?

June 05, 2024

New set photos for Stranger Things season 5 unveil a surprise meeting between Holly Wheeler and the human-looking Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower). The hit Netflix sci-fi horror series will conclude with season 5, bringing the 1980s-set mystery to a close after over eight years by the time of its release. Making his entrance in season 4, Vecna was revealed as the mastermind behind the horrors of the Upside Down, having a grudge against Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven and humanity as a whole since long before the series.

As Stranger Things season 5 continues filming, hawkinsfamilyphoto has unveiled a trio of shocking set photos on Instagram. The images focus on Anniston Price’s youngest sibling, Holly, who appears to be playing out on the streets of the once-sleepy town outside her home. Holly is, however, joined by Bower’s Vecna, seemingly unchanged and once more human, dressed in a suit and glasses and reaching out to the young member of the Wheeler household.

Is Stranger Thing‘s Ending Mirroring Its Beginning?

Is There Going To Be Another Disappearance?

With the three new set photos, there may be a chilling realization about one of the upcoming season’s episodes. Previously leaked episode titles for Stranger Things season 5 revealed that episode 2 had been titled “The Vanishing of _ Wheeler,” and the recent photos hint that Vecna may take Holly as his next victim. Furthermore, while Vecna was warped beyond recognition in season 4, the title might hint that this is no illusion or hallucination as he imposed on past victims.

While it remains to be seen whether Henry finds a way to recapture his human form or is simply using his abilities to hide telepathically, his reasons for targetting Holly may be more understandable. With his plan to use a small group to bridge realities in Stranger Things season 4 halted, Vecna may be falling on older strategies to achieve his goal by inflicting as much fear on the still-reeling town as possible. Furthermore, Vecna targeting Holly evokes Will’s (Noah Schapp) disappearance, allowing him to psychologically devastate the few Stranger Things characters who can fight him.

Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono) will have a large role in the final season. With another unfortunate disappearance befalling Hawkins, season 5 seems set to bring parallels to how the series began, pushing Karen into a similar position as Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) in season 1. While Holly’s disappearance may intentionally mirror Will’s, it also raises questions about whether Stranger Things‘ final season will mirror past events in any other ways.

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