‘Victoria’s Secret’s hottest angel’ heats up the temperature with her goddess beauty

Thu Trang
June 11, 2024

Recently on her personal Instagram page with more than 20 million followers, Barbara Palvin attracted attention when posting a series of photos for Cannes 2024. In the photo, the former Victoria’s Secret angel wears an elegant blue dress, flattering her increasingly curvy figure. slim, smooth. She makes her appearance look softer and more elegant by letting her long, flowing, yellow hair loose. Her blue eyes and white skin make her more attractive than ever. At the shooting angles, this female model’s whole body, body and face are slimmer and sharper.

Barbara Palvin is famous for the title “Victoria’s Secret’s hottest plus-size angel”. Her beauty is also favored by the media and fans as a goddess.

At the time of joining Victoria’s Secret, she was classified as a plus-size model at this famous lingerie brand, because Victoria’s Secret is always associated with the image of tall and super skinny girls. Barbara Palvin alone has a weight of up to 56kg, with clear, plump body curves with big thighs and big hips. However, there are also opinions that she has measurements that are not suitable for a lingerie advertising model, showing that her weight management is not strict.

Barbara Palvin herself also shared that from puberty until joining the fashion industry, Barbara Palvin did not diet, because she followed her mother’s advice and took in all the groups of substances to keep her body healthy and developed possible.

She combines exercise and eating lots of green vegetables and fruits. Barbara Palvin focuses on high-intensity exercises to burn excess calories, helping her body become more toned and reveal her curves. In addition, every week this beauty spends time jogging and swimming. “Even before I became an angel, I started creating routines for my life, exercising daily or four times a week and eating in a way that suits my body. I was just doing it,” Barbara told Us Weekly.

In addition, she also regularly consults the exercises of famous people with beautiful bodies, shares them on social networks and follows them. However, Barbara Palvin said that she is not under any pressure to pursue a figure like a specific model, but is more focused on her own comfort and goals. On days when she feels tired or wants to rest, she will not force herself to exercise.

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