Woman who follows lion diet has eaten nothing but meat for five years: The Result proves carnivore diet is the best decision she’s ever made

Tran Hanh
June 07, 2024

She says her carnivore diet is the best decision she’s ever made

A woman who has claimed to have only eaten meat since 2017 says it’s the best decision she has ever made.

Podcaster Mikhaila Peterson began her ‘Lion Diet’ initially for six weeks, but has since never looked back.

The diet consists mostly of beef products such as steak and mince, sea salt and plain water.

Only Eating Raw Meat

It’s said to be similar to the popular Keto diet, which works by forcing the body to fall into a state of ketosis (starvation) in order to lose weight.

Without the slow-release energy the body would typically take from carbs, it turns to its own fat stores and produce ketones.

Many hail the Keto diet for its drastic transformation results, which the carnivorous style Lion Diet is thought to achieve too.

Mikhaila, however, turned to the diet for health reasons after suffering with with a rare form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since age seven that needed various medication to help.

Mikhaila has followed the diet since 2017.


Due to her arthritis, she had to have two joint replacements when she was 17 and was told she’d have to continue to take medication including Aderall, SSRI medication for depression and immunosuppressants.

Speaking in an interview with FEMAIL, the Canadian revealed: “I couldn’t wake up, the depression was the worst out of everything.

“It took me a long time to start taking diet seriously, but I started researching the carnivore diet and eventually gave it a go.”

By the time she was 23, Mikhaila was focusing on a meat only diet that consisted mainly of beef products.

Initially, she started off by converting to a strict ‘paleo diet’, eating meat, greens and root vegetables. The transformation in her arthritis symptoms was dramatic, and saw her ease off her medication as her symptoms reduced.

By December 2015, she was off all her prescribed medications and had none of the pain or chronic fatigue she had previously suffered with.

But in 2016, Mikhaila discovered she was pregnant and her chronic fatigue symptoms and depression returned.

After welcoming her daughter in 2017, Mikhaila then decided to follow a strict beef-based diet to regain control of her symptoms and within months claims they had vanished altogether.

Mikhaila explained: “I knew I had gotten rid of all my symptoms with diet so desperately hoped diet could still be the answer.

“After I had my daughter and five months into breastfeeding her, I cut my diet back to just eating beef, out of desperation really.

After the birth of her daughter in 2017, she fully switched to the Lion Diet.


“I didn’t think I was reacting to beef, and didn’t know what I was reacting to so that seemed like a good place to start.

“Two weeks into the diet my joints felt better, and I stopped crying in the morning.

“Six weeks in my fairly severe depression went away, and five months in the anxiety/leftover antidepressant withdrawal went away.”

Since starting the diet in 2016, Mikhaila has now fully committed to the carnivorous diet and even launched her own website liondiet.com.

A TEDx Speaker and Oxford Union speaker, she now explains her unique diet approach to the world in an aim to help them manage fatigue and pain.

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