World’s Best Photos Of Animals: 20 Winning Images By Agora

Tran Hanh
June 04, 2024

This article is more than 3 years old

Best Animal Photos Contest: Close Up Of baby monkey
‘Baby monkey’, Location: Kedoya Utara, Indonesia.PHOTO: @PRABUDS (INDONESIA) – AGOTA

A colorful photo of a green iguana strolling through sunflowers (below) by Indonesian photographer @jjnmatt was voted the overall winner of the “World Best Photos Of Animals 2020” competition organized by photo app Agora.

The image, entitled “Iguana,” gathered the most votes by the application’s global audience and took the top prize of $1,000.

Best Animal Photos Agora Cntest: Green guana  among sunflowers
Overall Winner: ‘Iguana’ Location: Jakarta, Indonesia.PHOTO: @JJNMATT (INDONESIA) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Contest: highland cattle in heather blooming season amid fog.
Top FInalist: ‘Misty heather field in full bloom’, Netherlands. PHOTO: @GLENNANTHONIE (NETHERLANDS) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos contest: Reindeer at the end of fall as first snow falls.
Top Finalist: ‘Reach the winter’, Mongolia. It was the end of the autumn season, with the snow … [+]PHOTO: @DANGTHAO (JAPAN) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: a family of elephants against the orange sunset in Thailand.
Top Finalist: ‘Family’, Location: Surin, Thailand.PHOTO: @MANNYLIBRODO (PHILIPPINES) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Contest Agora: reindeer locking horns  with orange sunset
Top Finalist: ‘Honor fight’, Location: Indonesia.PHOTO: @JORDISARK (SPAIN) – AGORA

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50 images from around the world were selected as finalists from 13,888 submissions to the contest, “showing the wide and precious variety of animal life surrounding us,” according to the organizers. “We challenged international photographers to participate in the #Animals2020 photo contest with their best shots of living creatures around the planet.”

“All living beings are on Earth for a reason, from the tiniest insects to the greatest mammals – and all their habitats are connected,” Agora explain. “To preserve their existence, we must protect biodiversity: it is our duty to unite and defend animal rights to keep celebrating the wonder of our natural world.”

Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: barn owl with spreading wings
Finalist, ‘The barn owl has landed’, Location: Northumberland, UK.PHOTO: @PHILROBSON (UK) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest, mother monkey with baby
Finalist: ‘Mother Bekantan’, Location: Cisarua, Indonesia.PHOTO: @IRAWANSUBINGAR (INDONESIA) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest A koala bear with baby on top crossing a road in Australia
Finalist: ‘Mother love’, Location: Australia.PHOTO: @OLMOSPATRICIA (SPAIN) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest Ibex in Chamonix, France
Finalist: ‘Close encounter’, Ibex in Chamonix, France.PHOTO: @ONKWELPHOTO (FRANCE) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: close up of an orangutan face in Indonesia.
Finalist: ‘Orangutan’, Location: Tanjung, Indonesia.PHOTO: @ADINGKUSWARA (INDONESIA) – AGORA

Agora @Agoraimages, is a free-to-use mobile app by which photographers, whether amateur or professional, can participate in international photo contests organized throughout the year for a chance to win cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $25,000.FORBESWorld’s Best Photos Of Travel: 20 Finalists In Agora 2020 ContestBy Cecilia Rodriguez

With more than 3.5 million users from 193 countries, the app’s global community members participate in the selection of the winning images in each contest by voting for their favorite photo.

“Photography is a powerful medium to generate empathy and a deeper understanding of the world surrounding us,” says Octavi Royo, Agora’s CEO. “Only one species living on Earth can choose what the future will look like, and that species is us!”

Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: a wild 'Icelandic' horse
Finalist: ‘Icelandic’ horse Location: Kirkjufell, Iceland. PHOTO: @SAMUELEMICCOLI (ITALY) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: an old woman farmer with her black turkey pet
Finalist: ‘Farmers’: farmer Silvina with her black turkey, Location: Murtosa, Portugal. PHOTO: @JORGEBACELAR (PORTUGAL) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: colorful fly resting on a cactus'
Finalist: ‘Mosca descansando en un cactus’ (‘Fly resting on a cactus’), Location: Parque de La … [+]PHOTO: @LAFOTODEEVA (SPAIN) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: A bee collects pollen from a yellow flower Fischers Ragwort, in Korea
Finalist: ‘What are you looking at?’ Location: South Korea. A bee collects pollen from a Fischers … [+]PHOTO: @KYUNGHWALEE (SOUTH KOREA) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: a chirping bird on the back of a zebra.
Finalist: ‘Friends’, Location: Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana.PHOTO: @SUPERIAIA (ITALY) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: A llama resting  in Machu Picchu, Peru
‘Finalist: ‘Privilege witness’, Llama in Machu Picchu, Peru.PHOTO: @JOSUOZKARITZ (SPAIN) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: a white swan landing in a dark lake
Finalist: ‘Into the darkness’, Location: Dobbiaco Lake, Italy.PHOTO: @ALAN_GALLO (ITALY) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest A dog lying on his master's grave.
Finalist: ‘Devotion’, Location: Armenian Church, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. The dog is lying on his … [+]PHOTO: @SAIFUL0007 (BANGLADESH) – AGORA
Best Animal Photos Agora Contest: brown owl under the rain.
Finalist: ‘Freshwater’, Location: Kebun binatang Taman Satwa Jurug, Indonesia. PHOTO: @CYMOT (INDONESIA) – AGORA
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