‘World’s loneliest sheep’ rescue mission was ‘stolen’ say animal rights group

Tran Hanh
June 05, 2024

A huge kick-off has emerged over the rescue of the world’s loneliest sheep, after an animal rights group, who’d befriended the furry character, claimed the mission was stolen from them

An animal rights group has gone ballistic after the world’s loneliest sheep, whom they claim to have struck up a relationship with, was rescued by five farmers.

The poor animal was all on its own after being stranded for two years on a rocky shoreline in north-eastern Scotland, until it was eventually saved. However, the heroic act wasn’t conducted by Animal Rising, who have claimed that the mission was robbed from them.

The group, who intended to ambush the Grand National this year, have claimed to have invested time into ‘building a friendship’ with the ewe.

The sheep has been successfully rescued
The sheep has been successfully rescued (Image: The Sheep Game)

Even the Daily Star got involved with more than 50,000 people signing up to our campaign to save the sheep, but Animal Rising believe the glory was taken from them.

The activists supposedly put in the leg-work, descending down a steep cliff to reach their pal. However, in a moment that left them blindsided, another group comprised of brave farmers swooped in to save the woolly creature – much to the Daily Star and their readers delight.

Realising the cuddly character needed help, five Scottish farmers risked their health in a bid to save the animal, which they’ve subsequently named, ‘Fiona’.

Furious with losing out on the opportunity, Animal Rising launched a petition to prevent the farmers from sending her to a petting zoo.

The sheep is no longer alone
The sheep is no longer alone (Image: The Sheep Game)

The farmers, led by Cammy Wilson, a sheep shearer from Ayrshire and presenter of BBC show Landward, managed to retrieve Fiona via what they referred to as ‘heavy equipment’, which they utilised to help manoeuvre her along an ‘incredible slope’.

They took her to be seen by animal experts, who revealed that miraculously, she’s in ‘Incredible fettle’ and can, therefore, be transported to the petting zoo.

But Animal Rising, who spent five days preparing to reach the sheep and take her to Scotland’s Tribe Animal Sanctuary, situated just outside of Glasgow, is not happy.

Animal Rising is furious with the farmers
Animal Rising is furious with the farmers (Image: The Sheep Game)

In a statement, they complained: “A different group have orchestrated a plan to take her to a ‘well-known’ petting zoo where she is likely to be mobbed daily in a very distressing environment.”

Jamie Moyes, a supporter of Animal Rising, said: “We are, of course, pleased Fiona is no longer stranded.

“But it is completely unacceptable that she would be taken to a ‘petting zoo’ when she has already suffered for the last two years.

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